"An absolutely insane package" - and other real feedback from the readers!

Previously I published a blog post about the readers' feedback on my book, The (R)evolution of Love, in Finnish. On Friday one of my foreign literary agents wanted to read the comments in English, so luckily Minna Andersen, who has also translated the sample text of the book in English, found time to translate also these already by Sunday! So, I thank Minna for her good work again! And thank you all dear readers who found time to give valuable feedback on The (R)evolution of Love! I appreciate it so much. Keep it coming! THANK YOU ALL.

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Readers' comments on The (R)evolution of Love:
*Translation: Minna Andersen*

“This is a heavy duty book, in a good way!”

“The book made me laugh and cry, and through it all, it gave me lots of good advice for my own relationship.”

“This book also works as a power book for relationships. It may help save a relationship that is in the doldrums. It makes one think and reminds one why one is with one’s partner in the first place.”

“The book often helped me notice that we actually have quite a good relationship, after all.”

“According to at least this divorced person, the book gives just the right kind of hope! All the things one thinks about during a divorce are discussed in the book - without mincing words, but positively all the same. The writer tells it like it is, but gently. The thoughts of the people who were interviewed are familiar. The book gets one thinking about one’s life and encourages one to take responsibility for it as well. I’m planning to read it again, many times, and to learn from it, to help me in my current relationship too.”

“Having read the book, I now also see new positive sides to divorce.”

“You really go deep when reading this book. It brings up emotions and forces me to think the thoughts that I myself have gone through as I was figuring out my relationship. It’s tough realizing some things. But you still want to get to know your own thoughts, even when you sort of already know what they are.”

“This should be recommended reading for everyone who is getting a divorce. Perhaps there would then be less negativity regarding divorce.”

“It’s wonderful to get examples of how one can get along even after a divorce. It doesn’t have to be like another Ice Age."

“First thought, an absolutely insane package - you’ve gone to an incredible amount of trouble. Lots of info and real stuff. I can’t think of anything else I would have wanted. You’ve created lots of exercises - it’s good that some are lighter and some go deeper. My own challenge is that I’m usually really bad at doing exercises that are part of a book, which require time and thought. Great! Good job, Kati, really!”

“It’s up to the reader to decide whether they experience the book as tough or empowering. As I was reading the book I noticed that I often thought that we’re doing okay with this, that works too, I love, I’m happy and grateful. But if you are in a difficult relationship, this book will give you perspective, strength, and the courage to make decisions that will take you in a better direction.”

“Great work, Kati, respect.”

One reader let me be a part of his reading experience and sent me hilariously positive comments as he was reading, such as:

“It’s such fun to read this! You know how to handle things in the right way!”
“So far wonderful and biting discussions about “nice guys”. Now on page 72!”
“Now I’m on page 88 and I’m enjoying your priceless humour immensely in the chapter “Teasers, Persuaders, Other Women and Third Wheels”!”
“Page 110 is a section that instills lots of positivity! Thank you!”
(It’s funny that the chapter “The Whiners and the Mute” also feels positive!)
“Wonderful! Your book is unbelievably good! You have a sharp eye and a good understanding of human nature! Well done, Kati!”
“Some of the most rewarding parts of “Love (R)evolution” are, for example, the importance of the body on pages 145-147. Well done, Kati! Smart thinking!”

One reader sent a photo of my book under the Gambian sun. Another had taken it with him all the way to the Caribbean, and then wrote this lovely, long and supportive feedback to me:

“I read your book during my winter vacation, which means your book has already travelled around the world, since it’s being read as far away as in the Caribbean! The topic is interesting for many people and the book is well written, so it’s no wonder that you are becoming famous. You have written a great book and have started a relevant discussion. Your tome is a book, handbook and exercise book between two covers. Written in modern language and at the same time a fireworks display of popular wisdom and familiar sayings from various contexts. Combined with personal experience, in-depth knowledge, and an NLP background and, the cherry on the cake, experience of the business world, you have created quite the package! The book is really interesting and entertaining, even though I don’t belong in the main target group. Thank you for the reading and learning experience. In fact, I can hardly wait for your next book!”

And from one reader, this short and concise feedback:


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