Positive publicity for The (R)evolution of Love!

The (R)evolution of Love was published on Valentine’s Day 2019 and since then it has received loads of publicity in many newspapers and magazines. This blog post gives a quick view to different kind of articles published in the first few weeks after Valentine's Day. I am truly glad that the book’s positive approach to breaking up is really inspiring people now!

The journalists that have interviewed me on my book have all commented positively on the book's fresh and encouraging perspective at relationship challenges and break ups. The journalists have also noted positively "my different way of writing and impressing ideas" - at which I personally am blind obviously! But they say they appreciate my humorous, though analytical touch to this challenging topic, so I welcome their feedback with gratitude!

As all journalists naturally want to pick their own favourite view to my book, the articles raise different topics from the book or even from my own personal life after divorce. Please click on the links to some of those online articles published in Febryary-March 2019 (see below).
So, what is the book really about then? Well, the very first part of The (R)evolution of Love describes the challenges in relationships. The honest and partly humorous text makes readers see the need for making the decision either for really improving their relationship (and not just whining about it) or for a happy divorce (or a break up from another kind of a love relationship, including open and secret love affairs). The book’s second part explains the mental mechanisms behind those challenges and gives guidance on how to look at the relationship from new perspectives and either find ways to improve it or see the positive in leaving it.

Together with happily divorced persons’ hindsight there are tips from persons who are very happy in their long relationships. The book’s third part helps in planning the possible breakup in practice, and the fourth part is about building a happy new life after it – either as a single or in a new better relationship while being friends with the ex.

The (R)evolution of Love has 374 pages and includes 57 different mental exercises, including e.g. logical mind tests, mental visualization, practicing intuition and meta skills, investigating the reader’s own beliefs and emotions, creating strategy on the reader’s own life values and achieving targets in a better relationship or in an excellent breakup. Several mental training techniques and the touching, honest, even harsh and partly humorous true stories of the interviewed persons help the reader to look at his/her own situation from fresh perspectives and break free from his/her own mental straitjacket of restrictive beliefs, mixed signals and confusing emotions which often bring unnecessary burden on so many people around the world. The book helps the reader to face his/her own self and also his/her companion more openly and lovingly. The book is about both self-compassion and understanding different personalities and ways of life.

And because some newspapers acknowledge both my book and my personal background as a Finance Director and as an ex-wife who still shares the home with his ex, so let's open up that personal part also shortly. So, I am a certified NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) on solution-focused mental training techniques and an experienced business leader of a large organization in an international, publicly listed corporation. I am enthusiastic about development of self-leadership skills and I love both logical modelling and research of people’s values, beliefs and intuitive decision making. Three years ago I divorced from my 21-year marriage and still today with my ex-husband we share happily our home, two summer cottages and common friends as well as raise our three boys in good understanding. Through my own experience and the interviews of dozens of happily-divorced people I want people to see the positivity in their relationships and also in splitting apart, and give my readers inspiration on living a happier life with their spouses – either in marriage or after it.

So, what kind of articles have been posted in papers or online in the past few weeks?

First there was a six-page article in the popular women's magazine Me Naiset. Then the major newspaper Iltalehti published 2 articles (the first article of 1 page and the 2nd article of full 2 pages) in their weekend prints and additionally 3 online articles with more than 2 million readers! Links to  online articles:
Those articles raised also discussion in Iltalehti's Facebook forum.

Then the newspapers Leppävaara and Tapiola/Westend had me on their covers and wrote an article about "a finance director who turned into an author". The article was published also online here: "Talousjohtaja Tapiolasta teki kirjan: Parempi parisuhde vai erinomainen ero?"

In early April the magazine Sielunpeili raised the topic in the cover - just like the magazine Me Naiset.
A few interviews have been performed also after these and those articles will be published in April-May. Before the book is available also in English, in the meanwhile you can order your own original Finnish version here in this link.


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